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Flight Training

Located at the Groton/New London Airport (GON), your flight training will include beautiful views of the Southeastern Connecticut shoreline, not to mention Fisher's Island, Long Island, Block Island, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket. In addition to the beautiful views, the Groton/New London Airport provides the perfect training environment. With a small amount of aircraft traffic, compared to that of the larger airports like Providence and Boston, it will allow your training to be conducted in a stress free environment.

Your flight training will begin from the minute you walk in the door. On your very first lesson, your personal Flight Instructor (FAA Certified) will show you the airplane and bring you up for a flight. You will do virtually all of the flying on your very first lesson! After you return, your instructor will talk to you about the flight and what your next lesson will entail.

In an effort to keep your flight training both efficient and affordable, we follow a syllabus which outlines what is done each lesson. This allows for us to efficiently complete the requirements necessary to obtain your Private Pilots License, showing you ahead of time exactly what you need to do get your license.


Becoming a Private Pilot

  • You may start training at any age.
  • You can solo upon reaching your 16th birthday. You must be 17 to get the Private Pilot's License.
  • You must be able to read and speak English (the language of Air Traffic Control).
  • You must provide a valid passport or an original birth certificate. This is a recent requirement from the Transportation Security Administration due to September 11th.
  • If you're not a US citizen, you must meet the requirements per the Transportation Safety Administration's regulations. (further information available upon request)
  • Pass a basic medical exam prior to solo flight, administered by an FAA approved doctor.
  • Your pilot training will consist of both ground and flight lessons covering flight rules and regulations, flight planning, navigation, flight maneuvers, radio procedures and weather.
  • Upon completion of your flight and ground training, you will take an FAA written exam and a flight test with an FAA designated examiner here at our facility.

How Long Does It Take?

The FAA requires you to have a minimum of 40 hours of flight time and pass an FAA written exam and a flight test. There are many factors that affect how long those requirements take to complete.

  • How many times a week can I afford to take a lesson? The more often you take a lesson, the more proficient you stay at performing the air work. This allows you to continually progress each lesson and thus finish sooner.

  • What about bad weather? Here in New England there are many times when we may not be able to fly do to inclement weather. We will use those days to work on the ground lessons to keep us moving forward.

  • How much home studying do I have to do? The more home study you do the more prepared you will be for your next lesson. This results in payin for less ground with your instructor and accomplishing your goal sooner.